I am a New York-area software developer and MBA with 10+ years of experience on the Microsoft stack, including .NET Core. Since 2013 I have specialized in native iOS development in native Objective-C, and in 2017 fell in love with cross-platform mobile development using Flutter. I architect and develop large mobile apps, application backends, and database systems. I am especially passionate about readable code, unit testing, automated build and deploy systems, and serverless computing. See my resume, portfolio, and blog!

I love what I do, so naturally I’m good at it. My core competency is building complex, beautiful things out of small, simple little things. That’s why I love writing software, building strategy, and composing music.

What do I need to be successful? Inspire me with a vision, let me criticize it, allow me to buy into it, give me some space, and I’ll make it happen for you. By myself or with a team. Simple as that! If I need to learn a new language or platform, I welcome the challenge. Design patterns have no allegiances. I started my career over a decade ago with HTML and Perl/CGI, then C, then VBScript and Javascript. Now I primarily work in C#, Objective-C, and Dart. The best tool is the one that gets the job done!

Code doesn’t make money; products make money. I’m not the type that will make your algorithm 10% more efficient but won’t point out the glaring hole in your product strategy. I would rather make sure the overall product is successful so we can all get paid.

If you want to get in touch with me, please don’t send me a generic email. Be specific. And maybe we can grab a beer in the city and talk about how much we love what we do.


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