• iOS application architect and developer
  • Full-stack .NET web developer
  • Independent or team developer using Agile Scrum
  • Worked with off-shore development teams
  • Fast learner and versatile problem solver
  • Comfortable in a variety of programming languages
  • Extensive knowledge of design patterns including SOLID principles
  • Unique combination of technical, design, and business skills
  • Regular participant in New York meetups


• C# – 8 years
• Objective-C – 3 years
• VBScript – 5 years
• Perl/CGI – 5 years
• T-SQL – 8 years
• XML/XSLT – 3 years
• Javascript – 4 years
• HTML – 14 years
• CSS – 10 years
• .NET – 8 years
• iOS – 3 years
• Web Forms – 8 years
• MVC – 2 years
• ASMX/WCF/REST – 4 years
• Entity Framework – 2 years
• AJAX/jQuery – 2 years
• Windows Azure – 1 year
• Node.js – 1 year
• Object Oriented Programming
• Design Patterns & SOLID Principles
• Domain-Driven Design
• Object-Relational Mapping
• Service-Oriented Architecture
• N-Tier Architecture
• User Interface Design
• Systems Integration
• Business Analysis
• Xcode 4.6 – 5.1
• Visual Studio 2005-20123
• SQL Server 2000-2012
• Postgres
• Adobe CS Suite 5.1
• CocoaPods
• Jira
• Git

VP Engineering

October 2013 – Present
Montclair, NJ

Launched in May 2014, UpdateZen gives executives and managers visibility into the status of everything important their people are working on, eliminating dreaded status e-mails and cumbersome spreadsheets/documents. As hire #1, I was head of engineering at this early-stage startup, and the sole iOS developer. We first built the backend on Parse, then moved to Heroku + Node.js + Postgres.

No storyboards. No tight coupling of controllers to one another. Instead, view controllers have no knowledge of their creators, containers, or siblings. This allows for easy re-use. I use the delegate pattern liberally so that I can coordinate the flow of the application in a loosely-coupled way.

No singletons. Instead, controllers are given all the external dependencies they needs to do their job, such as settings or the data store. I use a fantastic library called BloodMagic for dependency injection.

Firm separation of concerns. I use the MVCS (Model + View + Controller + Store) pattern. The model layer never fires error UIAlertViews, as in some code I’ve seen!

  • Objective-C
  • Multithreaded CoreData data store with offline data access
  • Secure storage and periodic validation/refresh of API token
  • Background refresh and secure workaround for the iOS7 logout bug
  • Multiple app entry points via deep linking and push notifications
  • Single-sign-on via LinkedIn
  • Integration with iOS Contacts and Camera/Photo Library
  • New Relic performance monitoring and Heap for analytics
  • Reusable, encapsulated views
  • 100 XIB files
  • 220 class files
  • 36 third-party libraries managed via CocoaPods
  • Uses my custom UINavigationController with push and pop blocks
  • Uses my custom NSURLConnection+Retry category for network request retries
  • Open source contributions (Auth0, PFCloud+Cache, Parse+NSCoding)

Senior .NET and iOS Developer

Institute For Integrative Nutrition
May 2012 – October 2013
New York, NY

  • Managed, maintained, and extended the core business platform for the largest nutrition school in the world on an Agile Scrum team of 10+ developers, designers, and QA analysts. Used C# and .NET Framework 2.0 – 4.0 with SQL Server and LLBLGEN as the backend, and ASP.NET web forms and console apps as the front-end. Platform manages all mission-critical business operations including enrollment management and revenue processing. Key components include a student portal for 40,000+ global students and alumni, staff control panel for 150+ employees, and multiple integration points with Salesforce,, Drupal, Moodle, Amiando.
  • Technical lead for “IIN Classroom”, the company’s core product, a Universal iOS app that delivers encrypted audio, video, and supplemental content to students, after vendor code was brought in-house. App uses HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) for delivery of media content from Amazon S3 and Cloudfront. Vastly improved user experience in low-bandwidth situations by re-encoding media in multiple variant quality streams, and included closed-captioning for hearing-impaired and international audiences. Improved concurrent downloading over HTTP and fixed multithreading issues.
  • Technical lead for “My Practice”, a complex new CRM iPad app for students built by an off-shore European vendor. Uses a WCF backend API with REST endpoints and a WEBDAV layer. Multiple integration points with core business platform including SOAP services and a access synchronization engine. API also supports dynamic form generation and data collection via a student web publishing platform in Drupal.
  • Integrated core business platform with the “My Practice” API using REST. Designed proxy layer in C# using inheritance, interfaces, generics, serialization, and DTO’s for slim, reusable, and easily extensible code. Created deployment and versioning process to load-balanced web farm. Became the technical owner of the .NET and iOS codebase after vendor code was brought in-house.
  • Developed new iPhone application to streamline check-in of 1,200+ students and alumni at quarterly conferences in Lincoln Center. App uses a small attached Mobilogics iScan hardware laser scanner via the External Accessory framework and interfaces with a backend REST API over the iPhone’s cellular data connection. Reduced staffing requirements and eliminated the need for multiple laptops, desktop barcode scanners, and wifi access points as required previously.
  • Performed deep integration with Amiando, the event management backend service. Developed custom features including seamless integration with student portal, “no-show fee” credit card collection, concurrent livestream registrations, event exclusion logic, and wait lists. Created a WCF service to receive webhook push notifications via HTTP POST and update core database using Entity Framework 5.
  • Implemented an innovative new central error management system for the web platform that allows for asynchronous (“fire and forget”) API calls to handle errors by calling back on a different thread on the web server. Normally there is no way for asynchronous HTTP requests to report back on failures without delaying page generation.
  • Extended and created new SQL Server stored procedures and functions to support core business platform and SSRS reports. Created an innovative XML-based layer between the BLL and T-SQL to allow extending tables beyond the ORM using the Entity Attribute Value Pattern. Created a “Course Transfer Wizard” to conduct the complex re-mapping of student data in a single atomic transaction.
  • Advised on architecture and migration strategy for moving existing server infrastructure to a new “high availability” virtualized, load-balanced cloud datacenter in Datapipe Stratosphere.
  • Performed voluntary off-hours training sessions for co-workers in Xcode and Objective-C to encourage education and experimentation with iOS development.
  • Conducted code reviews of internal and vendor software. Performed phone and in-person technical interviews for .NET and iOS development positions.

Chief Technology Officer

Piast Meats & Provisions, Inc.
February 2006 – May 2012
Garfield, NJ

  • Implemented all internal and customer-facing technologies at this growing, multiple-location family business.
  • Designed and implemented complex multi-site network, hardware, and software infrastructure using site-to-site VPN, pcAmerica POS server, SQL Server 2008, pcCharge, POS terminals, Quickbooks financials, cloud backup and storage.
  • Developed “Enterprise Manager,” an ASP.NET intranet application that adds custom ERP features to POS system.
  • Integrated with QuickBooks financial software using a HTTP proxy to communicate with legacy COM wrapper.
  • Connected with scale management system to allow for real-time synchronization of price-embedded barcode SKUs.
  • Leveraged ConstantContact web API to enable seamless broadcast of daily menus to thousands of customers over email and fax.
  • Implemented dynamic in-memory generation of PDF files for consistent, efficient printing of price tags and store signage in multiple formats.
  • Enabled previously impossible reporting on metrics such as labor utilization, margin tracking by item/department, and recipe costing to improve operating margins.
  • Enforced workflows in internal processes such as procurement and PO/invoice entry to reduce errors and improve time-to-market.
  • Designed SAAS ecommerce website in Shopify using custom HTML and CSS. Wrote Javascript to implement non-standard shopping cart behaviors. Conducted professional photo shoot for hundreds of products. Integrated with publicly exposed web forms for seamless customer contact management. Implemented in-house order fulfillment process and designed custom temperature-safe packaging. Site delivered to customers in 48 states in a single year.
  • Managed extensive social media campaign on Facebook and Twitter that quickly became a leading presence in a niche market. This allowed firm to cater for VIP clients including the President of Poland and United Nations ambassadors.

Prototype Developer
2008 – 2010
New York, NY

  • Developed UX prototypes, workflows, and data models for this customer-facing web application merging social media with product reviews.
  • ASP.NET web forms using C# with LINQ to SQL ORM wrapper around a SQL Server database. UI Code reuse using user controls and delegated event handling.
  • Integrated Google and Yahoo image search web API’s to import product images based on user searches. Incorporated Amazon web API to import product images and reviews.
  • Enabled Facebook login for single-sign-on as well as allowing users to see which of their friends is also registered.

Web Administrator

Boston College Information Technology Services
2004 – 2006
Chestnut Hill, MA

  • Developed “Article Creator,” an intranet content management system to create and manage technical documentation at the University. Programmed in ASP.NET web forms using C# and XML for data storage hosted on internal virtual server. Features include secure AD user authentication and authorization, check-in/check-out, revision tracking, HTML generation via XSLT transformation, automated FTP of documents to web server, and auto-generation of RSS feeds.
  • Developed custom Catering Order Forms for University Dining Services to validate, calculate, and preview online catering orders before being processed. Programmed in Perl/CGI and Javascript. Features include menu details and configuration variables stored as HTML hidden fields for easy site administration.
  • Developed a central “Tell-a-Friend Form” upon request of the Marketing Communications Department. Centralized scripted page referral form that can be called from all pages on the University web server. Programmed in Perl/CGI and Javascript, with a flatfile data store. Features include submission domain checking for security, submission log for statistical purposes.
  • Developed “Status Update Manager,” an intranet application to manage system status announcements at the University. Programmed in Perl/CGI and Javascript using a flatfile as a data store. SSI architecture allows updates to be displayed on any page on the web server.
  • Developed “Link Statistic Manager” upon request of the School of Management communications Deptartment. Scripted forms to collect, store, and display link hit statistics from CD-ROM brochures distributed by the University MBA program. Features include password protection, graphical and raw data displays.

Software Developer

Boston College Academic Development Center
2003 – 2005
Chestnut Hill, MA

  • Developed “Appointment Manager,” a custom intranet application to manage academic tutor scheduling for the entire University.
  • Programmed in ASP.NET web forms using C# and ADO.NET to communicate to Access data store. Hosted on an private external server.
  • Features include daily schedule view, searchable tutor profiles/schedules, student appointment history, full administrative reporting. Secure access from staff terminals.

Web Support Project Manager

Boston College Information Technology Services
2002 – 2004
Chestnut Hill, MA

  • Worked with multiple internal University clients and vendors to implement key hardware & software solutions.
  • Specialized in team-based planning, design, and execution of enterprise web projects.
  • Participated in formal RFP acquisition processes for major enterprise software packages including HEAT, a thick-client ticket tracking system, and Serena Collage, a CMS.
  • Responsible as the official enterprise application owner of HEAT, performing updates, maintenance, and interfacing with end users, DBA, vendor, and operations team. Created custom Windows Service module in C# to poll Oracle 9i database and send email messages based on query criteria.
  • Conducted user-centric redesign of “Campus Groups”, a group management application at the University. Performed requirements analysis and gathered feedback from current power users. Created storyboards and created test designs and workflows.
  • Conducted formal usability testing with end-users for “MyFiles@bc”, a university-wide web-based file sharing application. Interface improvement recommendations shared with vendor as well as with other Universities.
  • Trained dozens of departments and users on “WebIT,” an internally developed content management system to manage their web presence on the University web server.
  • Acted as an informal advisor to upper management on special projects.

Software Developer

Boston College Student Learning and Support Center
2000 – 2002
Chestnut Hill, MA

  • Developed “Help Desk Manager,” a custom intranet application to manage service records of users seeking walk-in assistance at the Computer Help Desk for the entire University.
  • Programmed in Classic ASP using VBScript and ADO to communicate to an Microsoft Access data store hosted on an internal Windows 2000 server.
  • Features include real-time user queuing, searchable user history and problem resolution logs, integration with web knowledge bases, and detailed administrative reporting. Secure access from multiple staff terminals.

Boston College – Carroll School of Management

2002 – 2005
Master of Business Administration, Concentrations in Finance and Consulting
Beta Gamma Sigma Honor Society
GMAT: 720, GPA: 3.9
Coursework in Computer Science:

  • Information Systems Development
  • Management of Technology and Innovation

Boston College – College of Arts & Sciences

1998 – 2002
Bachelor of Arts, Major in Economics
Summa cum laude
SAT: 1440, GPA: 3.9
Coursework in Computer Science:

  • Computer Science I
  • Computer Science II
  • Computer Networks
  • Statistics
  • Computers in Management
  • Web Design and Digital Media

Independent Coursework

  • New York University INFO1-CE9704001: Advanced iOS App Development (10/13)
  • Stanford University CS184: Startup Engineering (6/13)
  • Microsoft 10263: Developing WCF Solutions with Visual Studio 2010 (4/12)
  • Microsoft 10264A: Developing Web Applications with Visual Studio 2010 (4/12)
  • NYC iOS Boot Camp – 3 Day Intensive Workshop (3/11)
  • Raritan Valley Community College: Active Server Pages (6/00)

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